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Granite surfaces have been used for food preparation purposes for hundreds of thousands of years. Probably. This material is a natural product available in a number of different colours and finishes. No two Granite worktops are the same, even within the same product range. The raw material is removed from the ground and prepared for the retail market so what you see on the sample set will not be exactly what you get. Shade, pattern, inflexions are different on every slab so what you will end up with is a truly unique worktop but some of the other benefits of this magnificent product asides from stunning, often dramatic colour and detail are a surface that is extremely resilient to damage from heat, staining and scratching. Cold to touch and therefore great for numerous cooking preparation and and baking purposes, really easy to keep clean and a product of millions of years of igneous rock formation. On display at Caber Interiors showroom today.


Corian is the Brand name for the worlds best known “Solid Surface”. Solid surface is a blanket term used by the industry to describe an acrylic manufactured worktop. Acrylic worktops are on everyone’s radar these days, mainly because of the smooth lines, seamless joints and a massive variety of stunning colours. DuPont Corian is the original and best. With around a hundred different colours available to the residential market, a fabrication process superior to all alternatives and a UK support network, this product is highly customisable but extremely specialised when it comes to installation. An extremely accessible option for your next kitchen worktop. 8 Price bands make up the Corian range. On display at Caber Interiors showroom today.


Quartz worktops are made up of various crushed materials and a strengthening agent, normally in the form of high density resin. There are lots of forms of Quartz worktops but the most popular is the Silestone range from Cosentino. Typically, when people think of Quartz worktops they think of crushed stone and shards of glass, which is still a popular product but the product type has developed exponentially over the past couple of decades and there are literally thousands of products available from dozens of different manufacturers. Extremely strong, cold to touch, high scratch resistance and varied selection are reasons to consider Quartz worktops. Samples on show at Caber Interiors showroom today.

Solid Timber

Just as old as stone in terms of how long this product type has been used for dining and food preparation purposes. Solid timber is a material that goes well with almost everything. A timeless feature in any kitchen that will never go out of fashion. There is a degree of upkeep required in keeping your timber worktops in top condition but one of the most endearing features of this product type is the fact that wear and tear only serves to enhance it’s natural beauty. On display at Caber Interiors showroom today.


A ceramic material available in dozens of different colours and ranges, this product is extremely hard wearing, the true limitations of Dekton – a relatively new concept when it comes to surface options in the home, are yet to be explored. Worktops, splashbacks, wall coverings, building and facade cladding…who knows where Cosentino will develop this material for next. On display at Caber Interiors showroom today.

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